Features of the Mspy App: Read more in the Mspy Review

The Mspy app has a ton of worthwhile features for those that need to spy on another person’s activities. Once this app is downloaded and installed onto the computer, you’ll have access to several easy to use features that reveal the facts of the matter. You can read a Mspy review to learn what other people feel about this app, but if you want to learn more about the features, continue reading below.

Text Message Tracking

With this feature enabled, you can track text and multimedia messages that are sent or received on the device.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is also a service available on this app. It is very valuable for most users. With just a few configurations, this app provides you the ability to track location.

Email Messages

Mspy allows you to track email messages. This is an awesome feature that many business owners enjoy since it allows them to track what their employees are doing. But this is just one of the many reasons to use this feature. It is also great for parents. Predators are everywhere –protect your child.

Calendar Updates

What additions are being made in a personal calendar? This app reveals all. This is another feature that can come in handy for many people and for many occasions.

Internet Monitoring

What websites is a person visiting? The information is yours to hold with the app installed and in use. It works for both a smartphone and for a computer!

Application Control

You have the power. With this app you can choose the apps that a person may access on their device. This is perfect for schools, libraries, businesses and more.

The Bottom Line

This is a great app with versatile uses and it might very well be what you have been looking for. Check out those reviews and decide now!