Backpacking Thailand: An Excellent Experience

There are a number of different things I look into when it comes to international travel.  Will I like the food?  How is the night life?  And, most importantly, will it be fun to backpack there?

    Backpacking Thailand has probably been the best international backpacking experience that I have ever had.  Not only is going on such a trek inexpensive, but there are too many great sights to see for me to count.  It is most certainly one of the greatest experiences I have had on any of my international travels.


    Not only that, but Thailand also gives great answers to all of the other questions.  There is the beach if I want to relax and be a bum, and there is also excellent night life in the major cities.  I also love Thai food, and nothing that you can find in the United States will compare to Thai food as it is prepared and served in Thailand.

    I have travelled all over the globe, and Thailand is definitely one of my favorite destinations.  I now make certain to take a trip out there at least every other year, and it is something that I always look forward to.

    If you love a great time, including excellent backpacking, you can’t go wrong with Thailand.  It is definitely an excellent tourist destination, and if you look for the same things that I do, you will not be disappointed with your experience.

    As a matter of fact, I am going to call my travel agent right now and book my next trip.  Just thinking about all of the fun I have had there in the past has inspired me to plan my next trip.  Hopefully I will see you there one of these days while on vacation.