Defrosting chicken ways

There is no denying it that freezing food is incredibly convenient, you can be at the shop and see some protein on special and stock up knowing that you are able to put it in the freezer and have it at a later date. Thawing out food on the other hand is quite the chore, it takes time and there is the chance that you can catch some very nasty germs from the thawing out process. Defrosting chicken is always something that people are taught to be careful of, they are told that if they neglect the chicken it can become dangerous.

Three methods are generally used to defrost chicken and they are, in the refrigerator, in the sink or thawing it out in the microwave. Did you know that above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, microorganisms will rapidly multiply on your food? Which is why it is never recommended to defrost the chicken in hot water or on too hot in the microwave. The time needed to defrost a boneless chicken breast is generally an overnight period, and a day or two for an entire chicken so it is recommended to plan ahead before any dinner parties. Don’t let the dripping from the chicken contaminate other surfaces or other foods, there is a chance of this food making you ill.

If you are in a hurry only focus on the microwave method, but always remember that when thawing chicken it is vital to keep all the chicken at a safe temperature, if not there are some very serious food-borne illnesses that can come about and no one wants that. It is recommended to clean the surfaces and tools you have used as well as you can in order to stop the spread of the chicken juices and potential bacteria.