Things to consider when finding the best headphones for mixing music

Having high-quality sound is probably one of the most essential things for a DJ to consider when finding headphones. The top DJs in the world know that creating tracks is impossible if you can’t accurately hear what you’re doing. That’s why you’ll want to consider a few key things when looking for the best headphones for mixing music.

You’ll want to make sure that the audio in your headphones doesn’t prefer one style of music to another. Some headphones are created to maximize bass. While this may be preferable for those who just want to enjoy music, a DJ has to have an idea of what the pure track sounds like, so stay away from those that have integrated bass emphasis.

You also want to think about how you position yourself when you are mixing music. Many people prefer to only keep a headphone on one ear while keeping the other one off, so that one can keep track of the speaker.

If you plan on using headphones in this way, many of the high quality models recommended on sites like Headphones 100 have jointed areas or hinges above the ear cups so that you can easily flip one off without having to rearrange the placement on your head.

However, some DJs may be used to this style of mixing, and may only be distracted by the new types of headphones that allow for easy ear removal.

When you’re mixing music, you want to have the easiest way to flexibly remove headphones to listen to speaker output, without having to sacrifice audio quality. Sound isolation and an easy and stable listening experience can help make sure you produce the best music without being distracted by inferior headphones.