Firm and therapeutic features of the Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair

Imagine what it must be like to float in space. Imagine what it must be like to experience zero gravity. That is just one of the many firm, soothing and therapeutic features that are being spoken about when reviewing in full the Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair. There is just not enough time and space to deal with them all here. So, just a few features will be touched on over here. Let us then continue talking about zero gravity.

The Daiwa Legacy chair’s seat is moved into a thirty-degree angle. The user will then be able to distribute his body weight in a manner that produces the weightless and floating sensations. It is said to instantaneously remove stress and pressure from the body’s muscles. The chair is now pre-installed with Bluetooth technology. This is for the esthetic benefit of those who wouldn’t mind listening to their favorite music while receiving an all or full, or part-body massage, something which the Daiwa Legacy can offer its user.

Bluetooth technology is specifically installed for those who enjoy listening to music during their massage therapy sessions. This, of course, also means that the technology allows other devices like those being popularly used out of the Apple stable and those powered by Android. An adjustable leg extension and three reflexology rollers are in place as well. Because extensions are adjustable, use of the chair is suitable for most body types and sizes. 

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair

Reflexology rollers massage the feet and are good for helping to improve blood circulation. Finally, 3D Body Scanning technology now scans the contours of the body and shape of the spine. This excellent feature makes the massage chair apt for use among multiple users.