Gamble to win


Irrespective of strict action proposed against betting by many sports authorities, the issue of betting has a habit of rearing up its ugly head every now and then. The involvement of a Wettanbieter is invariable in a betting transaction. In fact he is the medium through which the entire transactions take place. He is the link between the betting syndicates and the common gambler. The job of the bookie is to arrange for bets depending upon the situation of the game, its popularity, and the greed of people to earn a fast buck. He is the person who decides the odds on offer and solicits bets from unsuspecting people. Invariably it is seen that the betting syndicate is the one who corners all the glory leaving all the gamblers light on their purses. The bookie makes a decent commission out of this affair and laughs all the way to the bank. Money is a good servant but a very bad master. The moment greed takes over from pure enjoyment, the troubles begin to unfold.

The lust for greed is a corrupting influence and can mar the reputation of many a weak kneed player. There have been occasions of participating players themselves being involved in betting thereby affecting their own performance as well as letting down the team and drowning the hopes of millions of sport lovers. Many such players have been caught in the act and have been punished accordingly. Nowadays many sports bodies have come down very strictly on their team players and have categorically told them to cut off all ties with bookies in general. This has to some extent brought down the malaise of betting but complete eradication has not yet been achieved in any sport. Contact with bookies have ruined the promising careers of many a sportsman.