New Moneylending Options in Baltic

In Lithuania, you can get kreditai(credits) for various needs.

You can choose between lenders that have different conditions and some allow borrowers to bargain for conditions, such as when to repay, fixed or changing interest rate and monthly payments. Repayment usually starts in the next calendar month after signing the contract but at least at some banks, you can arrange to begin paying up to one year later, only interest rate has to be paid in every case.

If you pawn property (which enables you to borrow more or to lower interest rate), you need to have it assessed and insure it. Banks can help you buy a good insurance. They also offer consultation on which conditions to choose.

Students who are actively studying can get small loans supported by government to cover tuition fee or living expenses. They have more time to repay them, starting after they cease the study.

There is a possibility to invest in loans, which mostly happens for big projects. Simply said, more people can contribute their money to lend the whole sum to one person. Investors get the interest rate but if the borrower does not repay the debts, they are given their investment back. This can be an easy way to multply your savings but you still have to choose carefully which loans to invest in and distribute you funds among different ones. As that form of bussiness is new in Lithuania, high chances exist that legal regulations will become stricter although they are now loose. Otherwise, this country offers very limited options (banks, credit unions and consumer credit companies) compared to many other European and American coutries.

Lithuanian market is adjusting to European trends and this reflects in new options to lend or borrow money. Hopefully, this will lead to better life.