Suggestions to Improve Your Smile

Dr. Venus Sohbi, the dental care expert based in Toronto, gives the following suggestions for people who have serious dental issues. The issues considered here are those that can cause a dramatic loss of a person’s overall facial appearance, such as a chipped or an entirely missing tooth. Read on to know what you can do if an injury, accident, or medical condition has caused your teeth to fall out or lose their esthetic value in such a manner that you are not confident about yourself any more.

If your dental problem is that the teeth have just lost their color drastically or have become worn out and dull due to several years of usage, then you do not need to go for any extensive form of treatment. In such a case, a dental veneer would be enough to create a facade good enough to mask the ungainly appearance of the teeth. Dr Venus Sohbi could just apply a porcelain or resin veneer, as the case might be, onto your teeth and you could be good to go in a matter of a few minutes.

However, if the problem is more drastic, such as if you have a completely chipped tooth, then you would need to go for a composite veneer which has more permanence.

The issue arises when the tooth is entirely missing. For this, you would need to go for dental implants. In this procedure, an implant, which is an artificial tooth, is affixed onto the jaw with the help of a tiny screw. This is a very permanent method and it does not require any aftercare. The implant is carefully chosen and customized so that it blends in with the rest of the teeth that the person has. Even if the entire set of teeth is missing, there are special implant options that can be used to restructure the original appearance.