Things the Independent Artist Needs to Avoid

So, you’ve seen tons of e-books, blog posts, and more about what an Independent artist should do if they want to be successful, right? However, there is more to it than what to DO to be successful, there are also some things that you should NOT do. This article outlines ten things to avoid doing. If you do these things, you’re sure to fail.

  • Steal your thunder. If you have a new CD in the works, release any and all versions of your demos via social media. Do everything you can to confuse your fans.
  • Never sell anything at all. You’ll be signed by a big name label in a few months anyway, right?
  • Hide all of your best songs. You want to do whatever you can to make it difficult for your fans to get your best songs.
  • Never deliver to your fans. Just reach for the stars as soon as you can. Try to get fans to overpay to see you.
  • Impress people with volume of content. So, it’s good if you have a few videos on YouTube- even better if you have 35+!
  • Never reveal your name to anyone- stay mysterious! No matter what, don’t reveal your name or the name of your act unless you make them work for it. You get bonus points if you have a complicated name- only mention it once and they’re sure to forget!
  • Never give anything away for free. You have to make sure you charge like crazy for everything.
  • Never build relationships. You should treat your relationship with your fans like a one-night stand.
  • When describing your music, be vague. If someone asks about your sound, describe it in a way that they can’t understand and won’t remember and won’t be excited about.
  • Always talk about yourself- and only yourself. Never talk about anyone or anything else besides yourself and your music.

If you include these tips in your career path as an independent artist, you are guaranteed to fail. If you’d rather be successful, you must do the opposite of these, such as engage with your fans, give away a free single now and then, and build relationships.